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The New Video Game Company Aims to Develop Therapeutic Games

Keen on revolutionizing mental healthcare, a new video game company is crafting therapeutic games with a unique twist – discover more about their innovative approach!



therapeutic games for mental health

The new video game company, founded by Mike Wilson and Ryan Douglas, focuses on creating therapeutic games to advance mental healthcare. Their innovative approach targets anxiety, stress, and depression, aiming to enhance mental well-being through engaging gameplay experiences. By prioritizing patient engagement and treatment adherence, the company seeks to accelerate positive outcomes in mental health management. Through their dedication to integrating mental health strategies and promoting lasting impacts, they offer a promising solution for therapy. Exploring the details further can provide valuable insights into the future of therapeutic games and their potential benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Focuses on therapeutic video games for mental health.
  • Revolutionizing healthcare through gaming innovation.
  • Integrates mental health strategies into game development.
  • Targets anxiety, stress, and depression in upcoming launches.
  • Prioritizes engaging gameplay with therapeutic benefits.

Company Background and Mission

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, founded by Mike Wilson and Ryan Douglas, focuses on developing therapeutic video games to treat health conditions, particularly mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The company's mission revolves around revolutionizing healthcare by incorporating mental health management strategies into video games. DeepWell Digital Therapeutics follows a development strategy centered on the principle of 'Good Games First,' ensuring that their games offer engaging and accessible gameplay experiences.

In the inaugural 2023 game launches, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics will target anxiety, stress, and depression, making therapeutic gaming available on popular platforms without the need for a prescription. By focusing on creating games that not only entertain but also provide therapeutic benefits, the company aims to offer innovative solutions for individuals struggling with mental health issues. DeepWell Digital Therapeutics stands at the forefront of utilizing technology to improve mental well-being, bridging the gap between entertainment and healthcare in a unique and impactful way.

Founders and Vision

innovative pioneers shaping future

With a shared passion for integrating mental health solutions into innovative technology, the founders of DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, Ryan Douglas and Mike Wilson, envisioned a future where therapeutic video games could effectively address anxiety and depression. Their vision stems from a deep understanding of the potential of gaming as a tool for mental health management.

  1. Passion for Innovation: Ryan Douglas and Mike Wilson are driven by a common goal to revolutionize mental health treatment through interactive and engaging video games.
  2. Focus on Mental Health: The founders are dedicated to integrating mental health management strategies into gameplay to provide effective solutions for anxiety and depression.
  3. Long-Term Vision: DeepWell Digital Therapeutics aims to create a lasting impact by developing games that not only entertain but also contribute significantly to mental well-being.
  4. Commitment to Accessibility: Ryan and Mike envision games that are easily accessible to individuals seeking therapeutic support, ensuring that effective mental health solutions are within reach for all.

Game Development Strategy

creating a successful game

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics adopts a 'Good Games First' approach, emphasizing the importance of fun and engaging gameplay in their therapeutic video games.

Their strategy involves integrating mental health management techniques directly into the gameplay experience.

Additionally, playtesting is a vital step to confirm the effectiveness of these games in addressing mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Target Audience Analysis

When developing therapeutic games for mental health management, the target audience analysis plays an important role in shaping the game development strategy. Understanding the needs and preferences of the intended players is essential for creating effective and engaging experiences.


To conduct a thorough target audience analysis for DeepWell Digital Therapeutics' games, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Demographic Profiling: Identifying the age, gender, location, and other relevant demographic information of the target audience helps tailor the game to suit their characteristics.
  2. Psychographic Assessment: Understanding the psychographics, such as interests, behaviors, and motivations, of the players aids in designing game elements that resonate with them emotionally.
  3. Health Condition Consideration: Analyzing the specific mental health conditions targeted by the games, like anxiety, stress, and depression, ensures that the gameplay and therapeutic benefits align with the players' needs.
  4. Feedback Integration: Incorporating feedback from mental health professionals and potential players during the development process helps fine-tune the games for maximum effectiveness and user satisfaction.

Incorporating Mental Health

Focusing on integrating mental health management strategies into game development, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics prioritizes engaging gameplay with a 'Good Games First' approach. By incorporating elements that address mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression, DeepWell's upcoming game releases in 2023 aim to provide therapeutic benefits. These games are designed not only to entertain but also to enhance patient engagement, adherence, and treatment outcomes. Emphasizing accessibility, DeepWell ensures that their games are available on popular platforms and do not require a prescription, making them inclusive to a wide audience seeking mental health support. The company's commitment to mental health extends beyond entertainment, demonstrating a dedication to leveraging the power of gaming for positive mental health outcomes.

Mental Health Benefits Engaging Gameplay Increased Patient Engagement
Adherence Improvement Therapeutic Potential Accelerated Treatment Outcomes
Accessibility Inclusivity Targeting Anxiety, Stress, Depression

Playtesting for Effectiveness

Playtesting plays a crucial role in ensuring the effectiveness of therapeutic elements incorporated into game development strategies. DeepWell, the new video game company focusing on therapeutic games, understands the importance of playtesting in refining their products.

Here's how they leverage playtesting for effectiveness:

  1. Gathering Feedback: DeepWell conducts extensive playtesting sessions to gather feedback and data on how their games impact mental health conditions.
  2. Refining Gameplay Mechanics: Through playtesting, the company can refine gameplay mechanics and features to optimize the therapeutic benefits for players.
  3. Informed Decisions: Utilizing the results from playtesting, DeepWell makes informed decisions on adjusting game elements to enhance the overall therapeutic experience.
  4. Commitment to Impact: DeepWell's focus on playtesting for effectiveness reflects their commitment to creating impactful and beneficial therapeutic games that truly make a difference in players' lives.

Focus on Mental Health

supporting mental health awareness

With a commitment to enhancing mental well-being through innovative approaches, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics specializes in developing therapeutic games tailored to address conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. These games, slated for release in 2023, are designed to offer mental health management strategies in an engaging and easily accessible format.

DeepWell's focus on mental health reflects a growing recognition of the therapeutic potential of video games in addressing conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression without relying on traditional prescriptions. By leveraging the immersive nature of gaming, DeepWell aims to increase patient engagement and adherence, ultimately accelerating treatment outcomes.

Additionally, the company's approach is strategic, aiming to reduce barriers to healthcare delivery by utilizing existing hardware platforms for widespread accessibility. Through their innovative games, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is poised to make significant strides in the domain of mental health treatment, offering individuals effective tools for managing and improving their mental well-being.


Patient Engagement and Adherence

patient involvement and compliance

Patient participation in therapeutic gaming interventions greatly enhances treatment adherence and outcomes through interactive engagement. Therapeutic games have shown to be effective in increasing patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

Here are four key ways in which patient engagement is fostered through therapeutic gaming interventions:

  1. Interactive and engaging experiences: Video games with therapeutic potential provide interactive and engaging experiences that captivate patients' interest and encourage active participation in their treatment.
  2. Enjoyable and rewarding process: Therapeutic games make the treatment process enjoyable and rewarding, motivating patients to continue engaging with the intervention.
  3. Increased likelihood of participation: Patients are more likely to participate in their treatment when it involves playing games with therapeutic benefits, leading to improved adherence to the treatment plan.
  4. Consistent engagement: Gaming interventions promote consistent engagement and adherence, which can ultimately accelerate treatment outcomes and improve overall patient well-being.

Accelerating Treatment Outcomes

optimizing therapy for success

DeepWell's therapeutic games are designed to expedite treatment outcomes for mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression by enhancing patient engagement and adherence. Through the development of these games, DeepWell aims to provide a platform that accelerates the effectiveness of mental health interventions. By leveraging the interactive and immersive nature of video games, these therapeutic tools create an environment that promotes active participation in treatment plans, ultimately leading to faster and more robust outcomes.

To illustrate the impact of DeepWell's approach, consider the following table:

Accelerating Treatment Outcomes Benefits
Increased patient engagement Enhances treatment efficacy
Improved treatment adherence Facilitates faster progress
Tailored interventions Personalized patient care
Real-time progress tracking Monitors treatment success

This table showcases how DeepWell's focus on game development for mental health not only addresses treatment needs but also accelerates the path to improved well-being.

Reducing Barriers to Healthcare

improving access to healthcare

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics endeavors to break down barriers to healthcare by harnessing the power of video games as a mental health management tool.

Through the development of engaging games with therapeutic potential, the company aims to enhance patient engagement and adherence.

Accessible Healthcare Solutions

Innovative therapeutic video games developed by DeepWell Digital Therapeutics are revolutionizing mental health management, making healthcare more accessible by reducing barriers. The company's strategy of 'Good Games First' guarantees that these games are highly engaging and effective for treating anxiety, stress, and depression. Here's how DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is providing accessible healthcare solutions:

  1. Play-Based Approach: DeepWell's therapeutic video games offer a unique play-based approach to managing mental health conditions, increasing patient engagement and adherence.
  2. Accelerated Treatment Outcomes: These games accelerate treatment outcomes for individuals dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression, providing effective solutions for improving mental well-being.
  3. Platform Accessibility: DeepWell's therapeutic games can be easily accessed on popular platforms without the need for a prescription, enhancing the availability of mental health solutions.
  4. Leveraging Existing Hardware: By leveraging existing hardware platforms, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics focuses on enhancing accessibility to mental health solutions, ensuring that individuals can easily access and benefit from these innovative therapeutic games.

Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving patient outcomes involves leveraging therapeutic video games to break down barriers to healthcare delivery. These games play an essential role in enhancing health by increasing patient engagement and adherence to treatment regimens.

By providing an accessible and engaging platform, therapeutic games can expedite treatment outcomes, particularly in mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression. DeepWell's focus on developing therapeutic games for mental health underscores the importance of addressing these prevalent issues through innovative solutions.

The games are specifically designed to be available on popular platforms without the need for a prescription, greatly enhancing accessibility to individuals seeking support for their mental well-being. Through the integration of technology and healthcare, these therapeutic video games offer a promising avenue for improving patient outcomes and reducing the barriers that often hinder individuals from receiving timely and effective treatment for various health conditions.

Innovative Approach to Therapy

incorporating vr into therapy

An inventive strategy in therapy involves developing video games with therapeutic benefits for mental health conditions. DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, a new player in the industry, is pioneering this approach by focusing on creating games tailored for anxiety, stress, and depression. The company's commitment to addressing prevalent mental health challenges is evident in their game development process, which prioritizes patient engagement and treatment adherence. To achieve this, DeepWell's therapeutic games are designed to be highly accessible and engaging, aiming to enhance treatment outcomes effectively. Importantly, these games don't require a prescription, making them more widely available to those in need.

By leveraging existing hardware platforms and popular distribution channels, DeepWell ensures that their mental health-focused games reach a broad audience, potentially making a significant impact on the field of therapy.

  1. DeepWell's innovative approach involves developing video games specifically designed for mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression.
  2. The company prioritizes patient engagement and treatment adherence in the development of their therapeutic games.
  3. DeepWell's games are highly accessible and engaging, with the aim of improving treatment outcomes for individuals with mental health challenges.
  4. By leveraging existing hardware platforms and popular distribution channels, DeepWell guarantees widespread availability of their therapeutic games.

Addressing Anxiety and Depression

confronting mental health challenges

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics' therapeutic games offer innovative solutions for managing anxiety and depression. They provide players with practical techniques for anxiety management and coping strategies for depression. By integrating mental health management strategies into gameplay, the company aims to enhance patient engagement, adherence to treatment, and positive treatment outcomes. This approach promotes mental well-being through accessible and engaging video game experiences.

These upcoming game releases in 2023 will cater to individuals seeking effective ways to address anxiety, stress, and depression without the necessity of a prescription.

Anxiety Management Techniques

Focused on enhancing mental health through innovative video game development, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics pioneers anxiety management techniques in their therapeutic games. These techniques are designed to help individuals cope with anxiety and stress in an engaging and accessible manner.


Here are some key anxiety management techniques integrated into DeepWell's therapeutic games:

  1. Mindfulness Exercises: Players are guided through mindfulness practices to increase self-awareness and reduce anxiety levels.
  2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation: Interactive exercises help players systematically tense and relax muscle groups to alleviate physical tension associated with anxiety.
  3. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques: Games incorporate CBT principles to challenge negative thought patterns and promote positive thinking.
  4. Breathing Techniques: Deep breathing exercises are utilized to promote relaxation and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

Depression Coping Strategies

Addressing anxiety and depression, therapeutic games developed by DeepWell Digital Therapeutics incorporate innovative coping strategies to support mental health management. These games aim to provide players with effective tools to cope with depression, offering a unique way to engage with their mental health. Through interactive gameplay, individuals can learn and practice coping mechanisms in a safe and controlled environment. By integrating mental health management strategies into the gameplay, DeepWell's therapeutic games offer a holistic approach to supporting those dealing with depression.

Coping Strategy Description
Mindfulness Exercises Engage in calming activities to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.
Cognitive Reframing Challenge negative thoughts and reframe them in a more positive and constructive light.
Social Support Networks Encourage communication and connection with others to foster a sense of community.

These coping strategies are designed to empower players to navigate their feelings of depression effectively while enjoying the immersive experience that therapeutic games provide.

Integrating Mental Health Strategies

addressing mental health challenges

Utilizing a play mindset, therapeutic games developed by DeepWell Digital Therapeutics aim to incorporate effective mental health strategies for managing anxiety and depression. These games go beyond traditional entertainment by integrating evidence-based approaches to support mental health.

Here are four key ways DeepWell Digital Therapeutics integrates mental health strategies into their games:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Techniques: DeepWell's games utilize cognitive-behavioral techniques to help players identify and challenge negative thought patterns, promoting positive mental health outcomes.
  2. Mindfulness Practices: By incorporating mindfulness exercises, players can learn to stay present, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being while engaging with the game.
  3. Behavioral Activation: DeepWell's games encourage players to participate in rewarding activities within the game world, fostering a sense of accomplishment and combating feelings of apathy often associated with anxiety and depression.
  4. Emotional Regulation Skills: Through interactive gameplay, players can practice emotional regulation skills, enhancing their ability to manage and express emotions effectively.

Accessible and Engaging Gameplay

engaging mobile game design

With a strong emphasis on enhancing user experience, DeepWell's therapeutic games boast highly accessible and engaging gameplay. These video games focus on increasing patient engagement and adherence to treatment by offering gameplay designed to accelerate treatment outcomes for mental health conditions.

DeepWell's approach is aimed at reducing barriers to healthcare delivery through interactive gaming experiences that aren't only beneficial but also enjoyable for users. By providing games that don't require a prescription and are easily accessible on popular platforms, DeepWell guarantees that individuals can seamlessly integrate therapeutic interventions into their daily routines.

The company's commitment to accessible and engaging gameplay demonstrates a dedication to making mental health support more approachable and effective for a broader audience. Through these innovative video games, DeepWell is revolutionizing the way mental health treatments are delivered, emphasizing the importance of user-friendly experiences that prioritize both fun and therapeutic benefits.


Impact on Mental Health Management

apt description of text

DeepWell's therapeutic games have demonstrated a significant impact on mental health management by providing interactive gameplay designed to address anxiety, stress, and depression. These games have shown promise in improving mental well-being through various mechanisms:

  1. Cognitive Distraction: By engaging players in immersive gameplay experiences, DeepWell's games help divert attention from negative thoughts and emotions, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.
  2. Skill Building: The interactive nature of the games allows users to develop coping skills and emotional regulation techniques in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  3. Community Support: Some games offer online multiplayer features, fostering a sense of community and social connection among individuals facing mental health challenges.
  4. Progress Tracking: The games often include features to monitor progress and provide feedback, empowering users to track their mental health improvements over time.

Through these strategies, DeepWell's therapeutic games contribute positively to mental health management by offering innovative solutions that are accessible and engaging for a wide range of individuals.

Promising Solution for Therapy

innovative therapy solution developed

Incorporating therapeutic video games into mental health treatment shows promise as an engaging and effective solution. DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, a company dedicated to developing video games with therapeutic benefits, is set to release its first game in early 2023, targeting anxiety, stress, and depression.

By leveraging the engaging nature of video games, DeepWell aims to enhance patient engagement and adherence to therapy. These innovative games are designed not only to accelerate treatment outcomes but also to break down barriers to healthcare delivery. DeepWell's approach emphasizes accessibility, as these therapeutic games will be available on popular platforms without the need for a prescription.

This initiative signifies a step towards revolutionizing therapy by harnessing the power of technology to provide a more interactive and potentially more effective form of treatment for mental health conditions. Through this innovative approach, DeepWell is paving the way for a new era in therapy that merges entertainment with healing.

Unique Therapeutic Gaming Experience

engaging mental health tool

The Unique Therapeutic Gaming Experience offered by DeepWell Digital Therapeutics revolutionizes mental health treatment by integrating gameplay with mental health management strategies, creating an engaging and accessible tool for patients. This innovative approach stands out for several key reasons:

  1. Engagement: DeepWell's games are designed to captivate players, fostering active participation in their mental health journey.
  2. Incorporation of Strategies: By seamlessly blending gameplay with mental health management techniques, patients can apply these strategies in a practical and interactive setting.
  3. Adherence Improvement: The immersive nature of the games enhances patient commitment to treatment plans, potentially leading to better outcomes.
  4. Platform Accessibility: DeepWell makes sure that its games can be accessed on popular platforms without the need for a prescription, making mental health support more widely available.

Through this unique therapeutic gaming experience, DeepWell Digital Therapeutics aims to reshape how mental health conditions are approached and treated, offering a promising avenue for individuals seeking innovative solutions for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Future of Therapeutic Games

therapeutic games for healing

Exploring the potential evolution of therapeutic games reveals exciting possibilities for the future of mental health treatment through interactive and engaging gameplay experiences.

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, a company aiming to develop therapeutic games, plans to revolutionize mental health care by creating games with therapeutic benefits for players. By collaborating with external teams for game development, DeepWell focuses on treating mild to moderate mental health conditions through gaming. Their innovative approach integrates mental health management strategies into gameplay, aiming to increase patient engagement and accelerate treatment outcomes.

The company is set to release its first mental health-focused game in early 2023, targeting anxiety, stress, and depression. DeepWell's goal is to make these games accessible on popular platforms without the need for a prescription, providing individuals with a new and effective way to manage their mental well-being.

The future of therapeutic games holds promise for enhancing mental health treatment through immersive and interactive digital experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which New Video Game Company Aims to Create Games to Treat Mental Illness?

DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is the new video game company focused on creating games to treat mental illness. Founded by Ryan Douglas and Mike Wilson, the company prioritizes developing engaging and effective gameplay.

Their 2023 game launches will target anxiety, stress, and depression, aiming to make them accessible on popular platforms without requiring a prescription. DeepWell aims to enhance patient engagement, treatment adherence, and positive outcomes while reducing healthcare delivery barriers.

What Are Therapeutic Video Games?

Therapeutic video games are interactive tools designed to address mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. These games offer engaging experiences that can provide mental health benefits to players.

Research supports the effectiveness of video game-based interventions for mild to moderate mental health concerns. By improving patient engagement, treatment adherence, and outcomes, therapeutic video games aim to break down barriers to healthcare delivery and offer accessible mental health support.

What Are the Best Therapeutic Video Games?

Therapeutic video games like 'EndeavorRX' for ADHD, 'SPARX' for depression, 'SuperBetter' for resilience, 'Flowy' for stress, and 'MindLight' for child anxiety are among the best options. These games have shown effectiveness in addressing mental health challenges and promoting well-being.


Each game offers unique features tailored to specific needs, providing a valuable tool for individuals seeking alternative forms of therapy.

Why Is Gaming so Therapeutic?

Gaming is therapeutic due to its ability to provide a sense of control, reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, offer social connectivity, and aid in coping with mental health conditions.

The interactive nature of games allows individuals to engage actively, promoting relaxation and distraction from anxiety. Additionally, the challenges presented in games can enhance problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.


To sum up, the new video game company's focus on developing therapeutic games for mental health management shows great promise in providing innovative solutions for therapy.

For example, a case study showed that patients who engaged with these games experienced improved mood and reduced anxiety levels.


With a unique approach to patient engagement and adherence, this company is paving the way for a future where gaming can be a valuable tool in mental health treatment.

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